Using Super Chickens

Super Chicken Basics

You can use super chickens to help create chicken lines; clear chickens from the board, randomize chicken positions or multiply chicken line game points depending on the powers of each super chicken.

At start you can choose up to 4 super chickens, plus one Master Cluck Multiplier (x2). Each super chicken has a cost in Golden Seed that will be subtracted from your available Golden Seed total. If a super chicken is not used (at least one instance) during the course of the game, the cost of the super chicken is returned to your available store of seeds.

Each super chicken has a number of instances it can be used during a game. The number of times a super chicken can be used is shown below the super chicken on the main game board.

The number of instances a super chicken can be used per game is listed below:

  • Yoker – 5 instances per game
  • Rocket – 8 instances per game
  • Rhode Island Red – 3 instances per game
  • Whacky Wand – 10 instances per game
  • La Niña – 15 instances per game
  • Poultrygeist – 3 instances per game
  • Penny Coop Keeper – 4 instances per game
  • Zombryo – 2 instances per game
  • EZ’Lectricity – 2 instances per game
  • Master Cluck – Up to x15 multiplier can be earned during the game.