Score Multipliers

Master Cluck Multipliers multiply points earned for each chicken line you make. The current multiplier is shown on Master Cluck’s chalk board. By default the game starts with a x1 multiplier (base score), or you can open the game with a x2 multiplier choosing the Super Starter. You can earn up to x15 multiplier during the course of the game.


To earn a multiplier you must first make two chicken lines using two consecutive moves. For example, the blue line can be completed with a chicken swap, followed by the yellow line making a standard move:

When two lines are made back to back, a new multiplier icon is displayed on the next up panel. It is placed over the color of the bird it will be assigned to. The multiplier will be added to the board with the next group of chickens:

Once it is added to the board, create a chicken line using the bird the chalk board is assigned to:

The new multiplier is then displayed on Master Cluck’s chalk board and all subsequent scores will be multiplied by the factor indicated.

Note: It is possible to have several multiplier icons on the game board. All icons will show the same next up multiplier value, e.g. if the current multiplier is x2 all icons will show x3. When one is captured, the remaining icons are updated by 1 (e.g. will become x4).

Note: Master Cluck’s chalk board can only be upgraded by a factor of 1 once per chicken line, even if you have two or more multiplier icons in the same line.