Make Chicken Lines

The object of the game is to free chickens from the chicken coop game board by making chicken lines. A chicken line is made when you arrange five or more birds of the same color in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. For each chicken line made, Game Points and XP points are awarded.

To make lines, move chickens to different positions on the board. You can move a bird to a roost by clicking on the bird then clicking on the new roost.

The bird will move to the new roost if there are no obstacles (doors or other chickens) blocking the path. If a chicken line is made, the line of birds will flap their wings and be removed from the board.

After each move three more birds are added to the board unless a chicken line is made, in which case the move is free. Continue moving birds, making as many lines as possible before the board is full. When the board is full of chickens and no more moves can be made, the game ends.

Tip: When moving chickens between roosts, if you click on another chicken while a chicken is in flight, the animation will play faster speeding up game play.