Game Board

When the Play button is pressed, the main game board is shown. The game board is a chicken coop made up of “roosts” or cells (8 rows by 8 columns) and four doors (obstacles). The game starts with three randomly chosen chickens placed on the board.

In the upper left corner the current Master Cluck multiplier is shown: x1 by default or x2 if the Super Starter was selected before beginning the game. The value of chicken lines made will be multiplied by this factor and added to your game points score. More multipliers (up to x15) can be earned through game play.

Below Master Cluck, the Super Chicken roost displays the super chickens you chose for game play (if any). Below each super chicken the number of instances it can be used is shown. Each super chicken has its own super power that can help you clear the board or make chicken lines.

On the right side of the screen there are four panels which indicate (from top to bottom):

  • Current Game Points score.
  • Colors of the next three birds that will be added to the board after the next move.
  • Current XP points earned.
  • Current Golden Seeds earned.

In the upper right corner, the elapsed time is shown and a Settings button is provided for setting game options.