Egg-Wrap Gifts

Sending Gifts to Friends

It's easy to send super chicken's as gifts to friends that play Chicken Lines. When the friend receives the gift, the super chicken can be used for game play after hatching the egg.

  1. Click on the Egg-Wrap Gift tab.

  2. Press the Select Friend button. A window opens where you can select from a list of your friends that play Chicken Lines.

  3. Next, choose the Super Chicken gift. The cost, in Golden Seeds, is shown below the super chicken.

  4. Now choose the egg-wrapping.

  5. When all selections are made they are shown at the bottom of the screen. Insert your gift message in the field provided.

  6. To post the gift, press the Send Gift button

  7. Once posted, a message appears indicating the gift has been sent successfully.

    Note: If you do not have enough Golden Seeds for the gift, a warning message appears and a Get Golden Seeds button is provided. Click on the button to purchase golden seeds.

Hatching Gifts from Friends

When you receive an egg-wrapped gift from a friend, you can hatch the egg and use the super chicken in a game of Chicken Lines.

Gift-eggs are stored in your Hatchery on the Inventory tab. Here you can see gifts received and attached messages.

Gift eggs are hatched using XP points. XP points are earned by creating chicken lines during game play. The current amount of XP points available for hatching is shown in the Total XP field.

To hatch the egg, press the Hatch Now button.

The egg is hatched and the required number of XP points is deducted from your current total.

A hatched gift is shown in the Game Start selection screen. "Gift" is displayed under the bird that can be used for free for a single game. Only one gift is available for selection before any given game no matter how many hatched gifts you have in the hatchery.