10 x 10 Hatch & Match

Hatch Eggs & Match Friends

10x10 Hatch & Match is a Chicken Lines mini-game. The goal of this game is to hatch super chicken personalities and then match them to friends that play Chicken Lines to help them earn a bonus bird for use in game play. Likewise, friends will match you to help you reach the bonus.

To play Hatch & Match, you first need to earn game points playing Chicken Lines to hatch the eggs shown on the 10 x 10 Hatch & Match tab. Once hatched, the chickens can be matched to friends pressing the Select Friend button.

When you match a chicken to a friend, your friend receives 1 vote for that chicken. The super chicken with at least 3 votes and currently having the highest number of votes will be your friend's Hatch & Match Bonus bird.

The game is played weekly and votes game points and votes reset to 0 at midnight on Sunday.

To Hatch and Match Super Chickens to friends:

  1. Open the 10x10 Hatch & Match tab.

  2. At the beginning of the week, 10 eggs are displayed and your total game points (weekly) score is set to 0.

  3. Play Chicken Lines to earn game points. As game points are earned, the new weekly total is shown in the 10x10 Hatch & Match tab.

  4. When enough game points are earned to hatch one or more eggs, super chickens are displayed. The number of game points required to hatch an egg is shown below each egg. The chicken that is surrounded by a bounding box is the chicken currently eligible for matching.

  5. To match to a friend, click the Select Friend button and use the window that appears to select a friend.

  6. When a friend is selected, the friend's name and thumbnail image is shown below the super chicken. The next hatched super chicken is then highlighted and ready for matching.

Hatch & Match Bonus Bird

At the Top of the Chicken Lines application page a counter is displayed indicating the number of votes per super chicken personality you have received from friends so far during the week.

Among the birds with at least 3 votes, the bonus chicken will be the bird with the highest number of votes. The bonus bird can change during the week as additional votes are assigned through matching. The current bonus bird is displayed on the left and is slightly larger than the others.

When you start a game, "Bonus" is displayed under the super chicken that currently can be used for game play. The bonus bird can change during the week as voting continues. When the week is over, voting is reset to zero, the bonus is removed and the game begins again