Game Settings

Players can customize the behaviour of the game using the Settings screen. To open this screen, press the Settings button.

The settings are activated by clicking on the check box. A green check mark indicates the setting is activated. A red X indicates the setting is deactivated. Once defined, settings are saved and applied for the current and subsequent games/sessions.

Show in game help – If activated, "quick start" help screens are displayed before the beginning of each game.

Show end game warning – If activated Plumedini will appear if the next move or next swap will end the game, warning you to use your super chickens. The next move will end the game if there are not enough roosts on the board for the next three incoming chickens. If you do not select super chickens at the start of a game, the message will not be displayed regardless of this setting.

Show numbers for color blind (N) – If activated, birds will be displayed with numbers identifying the color/breed (0-9). Press N shortcut key to quickly activate/deactivate.

Show Path (H) – If activated roost cells are highlighted to indicate free path (no obstacles) and flight path (roost cells the bird will fly across to reach selected roost). Press H shortcut key to quickly activate/deactivate.

Show chicken Select (S) – If activated, a selected chicken is highlighted with a sparkly light. Press S shortcut key to quickly activate/deactivate.

Sound Volume – Set volume level of game sounds. Press the Plus button to increase volume, the Minus button to lower volume.